Bernice Moses


Some people have the ability to light up a room (or screen) the minute they walk in. Bernice Moses is one of those people, and we’re delighted to welcome her to Unisure’s Umatter International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) team as a new Junior Administrator.

Bernice has a contagious laugh and permanent smile. She’s also eager to learn and a whiz with all things administration, which makes her a big asset to one of the busiest teams in our company.

Although she’s new to the insurance industry, Bernice boasts more than a decade’s worth of experience in secretarial and business administration roles. Her eye for detail and ability to process significant amounts of data are certainly standing her in good stead for her current role.

“In my current role I’m focused on pricing and onboarding for our new Umatter members, as well as some of the underwriting administrative tasks,” Bernice explains. “Medical insurance was all new to me when I first joined the team, but I’m getting the hang of it and finding it very interesting.”

As a happily married mom to two children, Bernice is quick to take the advice that she doles out to them when she faces a challenge in life: “You can be anything you want to be, and you can do anything you set your mind to do. When we have difficult days, we don’t give up. We pick ourselves up and we keep on trying.”

Something that Bernice says she has really appreciated about joining Unisure from her very first day in the office is the friendly corporate culture and willingness of everyone in the team to help her get settled.

“Everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming, and that really makes all the difference. Even our Chairman, Dr Graham Woolford, came up to my desk and personally greeted me and asked how I’m settling in, which was a first for me when joining a company,” she says with a big smile.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, Bernice. You’re an asset to our team and we look to working with you for many years to come.