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Health Insurance

International corporate health insurance benefits need
to be relevant, reliable and fully portable to match
today’s new ways of working and meet employees’
physical and mental wellbeing needs.

Umatter International Private Medical Insurance

Portable, dependable corporate Health Insurance plan with global cover, support and care

Bupa Global Mining and Energy Forum Health Insurance Plan

International Health Insurance for the mining, oil, gas, energy, petrochemical and supporting industries

Life Insurance

Employers and globally mobile individuals are increasingly choosing international employee benefits because of the consistency, value and flexibility that these benefits offer policyholders all around the world.

International Individual Life Insurance

International Individual Life Insurance policies for portable, flexible cover

International Group Life Insurance

International Group Life Insurance for multinational corporates

UK Group Life Insurance

UK Group Life Insurance for multinational corporates

Unisure’s Global Presence

In-house International Emergency and
Medical Assistance teams

Policyholders in over 120 countries around
the world

An international network of hospitals and
medical service providers

Our Partners

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