Unisure Limited
Complaints Policy and Procedure

Updated: 27 August 2020


Our passion for Treating Clients Fairly governs everything we do and drives our mission to provide our corporate and individual customers world-class insurance solutions which are relevant, appropriate, and fairly priced, supported by our first-class service. There may, however, be occasions when you feel you have not received the service you expect from us. We want to hear about these experiences so we can continually improve our customer service.

The objective of our Complaints Policy is to resolve all complaints quickly and fairly, without recourse to formal investigations or external bodies being necessary.  We therefore aim to ensure that


  • making a complaint is a simple process, following a well-documented, easily understood procedure;
  • everyone working with or for us knows how to handle complaints made by our customers;
  • all complaints are handled timeously, equally and fairly;
  • we learn from complaints to improve our service and avoid situations being repeated in the future.


Defining a Complaint

We define a complaint as a situation or instance where either an individual or organisation considers the solution, and/or service, provided by Unisure Limited to have fallen short of their reasonable expectations, and wishes to express their dissatisfaction. 


Complaints may relate to any of our activities and may include (but not be limited to):

  • The quality of customer service you have received from us;
  • The behaviour and/or professional competence of our employees and contractors;
  • Delays or other problems associated with our solutions; and
  • Delays or other problems associated with the provision of services.


The following are not a complaint and should therefore be addressed accordingly:

  • General queries about our solutions and / or services should be directed to info@unisuregroup.com
  • Formal requests for the disclosure of information, for example, under Data Protection legislation. For more information, please refer to our Data Protection Policy; and
  • Matters concerning contractual or other legal disputes.


How we handle complaints

Our aim is to always resolve complaints to your satisfaction without further recourse to external resolution. If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you will inform you of the next steps you should take for external resolution with the applicable regulatory authority responsible for supervision of the solution or service to which your complaint relates.


Registering a Complaint

All complaints should be registered by email to complaints@unisuregroup.com and should include the following details:


  • Full name, address and telephone number and email address. All formal communication related to your complaint will be via email. 
  • If you are making a complaint on behalf of someone else, include that person’s name and contact details as well as your own.
  • If you are making a complaint about a particular transaction, include the Customer Reference Number (Policy Number/Quote Number/Claim Number/Other Reference).
  • If you are making a complaint about an employee or contractor, include the name and, where appropriate, position of that employee or contractor.
  • Full details of your complaint, including details of all applicable times, dates, events, and people involved.
  • Any supporting documents or other evidence you feel is applicable or relevant in support of your complaint.
  • Details of what you would like us to do to resolve your complaint. You should understand that while we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate such requests, we are not bound to take any action beyond our contractual or legal obligations.

The response times below apply to registered complaints. We will only register a complaint as received once we have sufficient information from you to conduct an effective investigation to resolve your complaint. 


We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days of receiving it and provide you with a Complaints Reference


1.            We will inform you who will handle your complaint. This may be the person to whom you directed your complaint, or we may be delegate to an appropriate member of our team. Please contact this person if you wish to check on the progress of your complaint. 


2.            If your complaint relates to a specific employee or contractor, we will inform them of your complaint and give them a fair and reasonable opportunity to respond. Until your complaint has been resolved, please do not contact that employee or contractor directly; all communication concerning your complaint should only take place through the person handling it. 


3.            We may ask you for further information, clarification or evidence to assist us with our investigation. If we do, we ask that you provide these as soon as possible to avoid delays. If you are unable to provide these for any reason, we will use all reasonable efforts to proceed without it. 


4.            Once we have registered your complaint, we will fully investigate the matter you have brought to our attention.


5.            We aim to provide a resolution to complaints within 15 working days. If we are unable to complete our investigation of your matter at this time, we will write to you informing you of the progress we have made. 


6.            We will write to you within 30 working days of receiving your complaint with the results of our investigation, our conclusions from that investigation, and any action taken as a result. 


External Resolution

If we cannot settle your complaint within 30 working days, or you are not satisfied with our proposed resolution to your complaint, you have the right to seek external resolution. Please refer to the details overleaf for guidance on the regulatory authority responsible for supervision of the solution or service to which your complaint relates. If you are unsure, we will advise which regulatory authority you should contact to escalate your complaint.


Confidentiality and Data Protection

All complaints and related information are treated with the utmost confidence and will only be shared with those who need to know to effectively handle your complaint. We may ask for your permission to use anonymised details (with your personal details removed) of your complaint for internal training and quality improvement purposes. All personal information that we may collect (including, but not limited to, your name and address) will be collected, used and held in accordance with the provisions of Data Protection legislation.


Questions and Further Information

If you require further information about any aspect of our Complaints Policy and Procedure, please contact us by email at complaints@unisuregroup.com


Policy Responsibility and Review

Senior Management of Unisure Limited are responsible for this Complaints Policy and Procedure and its implementation.


This Complaints Policy and Procedure was adopted on 1 July 2020 and will next be reviewed on 30 June 2021, unless it is appropriate it be reviewed and updated prior to that date.

Office of the Ombudsperson for Financial Services (Mauritius)

If your complaint relates to a Medical or General Insurance Policy issued by Guardrisk International Company Mauritius or a Life Assurance Policy issued by Guardrisk Life International Limited, you may lodge a complaint in writing to the Office of Ombudsperson for Financial Services (Mauritius). 


Any complaint to the Office of Ombudsperson for Financial Services should be duly accompanied by the following:


1.            Your name and address;

2.            The name and address of the financial institution against which you have made the complaint;

3.            The nature of the complaint and the fact and circumstances giving rise to the complaint;

4.            The relief sought;

5.            A written declaration to the effect that the complaint was made, with evidence of delivery, and that you have sufficient interest in the subject matter of the complaint;

6.            A declaration as to whether the financial institution replied to your complaint;

7.            A copy of the reply, if any, from the relevant financial institution to which the complaint was made; and

8.            A copy of the documents on which you propose to rely.

The contact details of the Office of the Ombudsperson for Financial Services are as follows:


Office of Ombudsperson for Financial Services

8th Floor, SICOM Tower

Wall Street

Ebene 72201



Tel: +230 468 6475

Fax: +230 468 6473

Email: ombudspersonfs@myt.mu


Financial Ombudsperson Service (United Kingdom)

If your complaint relates to a premium transaction, claims handling or other service interaction with Unisure Limited, you may lodge a complaint to the Financial Ombudsperson Service (United Kingdom). 


By Phone

020 7964 1000 (FOS Switchboard)

0300 123 9123 (within the United Kingdom) 

+44 20 7964 0500 (outside the United Kingdom)

020 7964 1001 (FOS Fax number)


By email 






Social Media

Send a Direct Message to FOS on 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/financialombuds

Twitter – https://twitter.com/financialombuds