Christolle Soragee


It speaks volumes about a new colleague when they join the team and become indispensable from day one. That’s certainly the case with Christolle Soragee, our Junior Office Administrator, who has impressed us all with her exceptional customer service and calm demeanour under pressure.

As the newest member of the Finance team, assisting with car rental assessments, claims and payments on behalf of Claim Ez, Christolle’s background in the motor industry has certainly stood her in good stead.

“It almost feels as though my career has come full circle,” she says, “from first working on the dealership side of the industry at companies such as Toyota and Mercedes Benz, to now working my way around to insurance and claims.”

Christolle attributes her seemingly effortless telephonic skills, and her ability to handle customer queries of all shapes and sizes with ease, to her early days as a switchboard operator at Toyota.

“I’m very comfortable talking to clients on the phone,” she admits with a smile. “When I first started working, I literally started at the bottom as a switchboard operator for two years before being promoted to the Service Department. I have those initial years to thank for my telephone manner, my confidence, and for quickly learning how best to deal with customers.”

Christolle is a people’s person through and through, and she’s passionate about the work that she does.

“I’m a good communicator and I love meeting different people,” she explains. “I think in many ways it comes quite easily to me because my job opens me up to a lot of different scenarios. Of course, it can be very challenging dealing with difficult customers, but I’ve always been able to work under pressure and not take it personally. At the end of the day, we’re offering a service. I need to do everything in my power to keep the customer happy and ensure that their needs are met.”

Since joining The Unisure Group, Christolle cannot speak highly enough about the management team that hired her and the colleagues she works with on the ground.

“Unisure is an amazing company with a real culture of care for their staff members and their clients. That’s how it should be, but you don’t experience that very often. I love seeing the passion that everyone has for their jobs and hope to be here for a long time, sharing my skills and one day mentoring and training the younger staff members who join our team.”

Thank you for your cool, calm demeanour and for always putting the customer first, Christolle. We know that your impeccable work ethic is going to help us take the Unisure brand name to the next level.