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The Unisure Group announces a collaboration with Africa HR Solutions

London, United Kingdom – The Unisure Group has announced a new collaboration with Africa HR Solutions.

Born out of the desire to bring world-class health insurance standards to workers and companies in Africa, this collaboration with Africa HR Solutions – the largest EOR (Employer of Record) in Africa – will help simplify healthcare access and offer superior employee health benefits across the continent.

“Unisure has a vision to be a loved and trusted global insurer, protecting one million families every year,” says Unisure Head of Global Risk & International Private Medical Insurance, Pierre Rossouw. “Our recent collaboration with Africa HR Solutions is perfectly aligned with this vision in offering employees around the world access to high-quality, affordable international private medical insurance benefits that aren’t limited to their country of residence.”

As employers know, health cover is a highly valued benefit for many employees. In fact, according to a recent Society for Human Resource Management study1, 90% of employees say that healthcare is “an extremely or very important” employee benefit.

“At Africa HR Solutions, we’re proud to offer our clients and their employees comprehensive insurance support in the 46 African countries that we serve, turning the often-complex matter of health insurance into a simple, fast, and cost-effective process,” says Alex Daruty, Head of Commercial.  “With Unisure’s in-house medical assistance team offering 24/7/365 concierge medical care, support and evacuation, both within Africa and abroad, we know that we can offer our clients truly world-class service. We also know that a Unisure team will always be there to assist our clients when they need them most.”

EORs like Africa HR Solutions have revolutionised Human Resource administration, enabling companies to onboard staff quickly and efficiently, without needing to have registered entities in different territories. With the global talent pool rapidly expanding as a result of more employees becoming digital nomads, dynamic international private medical solutions for corporates – particularly those that offer both local nationals and expats standardised benefits and equal access to worldwide medical facilities – have become highly sought-after by numerous employers.

Africa HR Solutions has made it a priority for more than 14 years to look after the satisfaction of its clients and the well-being of their employees. Insurance across Africa can be a complex matter to navigate, hence why solutions like the Africa HR Global Health Plan aim to assist their clients and workers by offering both local nationals and expats standardised benefits and equal access to worldwide medical facilities.

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  1. Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM Benefits Survey Finds Renewed Focus on Employee Well-Being

About The Unisure Group

The Unisure Group provides health and life insurance solutions to individuals and companies across the world. In order to service our vast portfolio, we have offices in the UK, Africa, North America and Asia, and an extensive global partner and service provider network.

Our experienced and dynamic underwriting business unit, headquartered in London, specialises in providing underwriting solutions for even the most complex risk requirements.

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About Africa HR Solutions

Africa HR Solutions is a PEO, EOR and Payroll specialist.

Africa HR Solutions is the leading provider of Employer of Record (EOR) services in Africa and the longest-established provider on the continent, with over 14 years of experience. We support our international clientele (including listed multinationals, PE & VC-backed start-ups, international development organisations, global NGOs, and international non-profits) in 46 countries across Africa. Our track record of successful service delivery across Africa’s vastly different and highly complex territories through adherence to a standardised operating model – including offering our clients a single point of contact for their multi-country requirements – positions us as a leader in the African EOR market.

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