UK Group Life Insurance
for corporates

For companies located in the UK, with over 90% of employees working in
the UK, we offer world-class Group Life Insurance, as well as Shareholder
Protection and Key Person Insurance.

Choose Unisure UK Group
Life Insurance for:

Accessible UK
solutions for employers
of all sizes

Frictionless, comprehensive application & onboarding

Commission payable (up to 40% of the premium)

Includes generous Free Cover Limits and free Master Trusts

deductible as a
business expense

Underwritten by Scottish Friendly Assurance & Powered by Allianz Partners

In addition, we also offer…

Unisure UK Shareholder Protection

Pay out a lump sum on the death of a working shareholder of the business to help the remaining shareholders retain control of their former partner’s shares.

Unisure UK Key Person Insurance

Pay out a lump sum on the death of a key person within the business to help cover costs for recruitment, loss of revenue or training for the role.

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