Lilitha Lee Bongoza


After successfully completing an internship at The Unisure Group, we’re excited to welcome Lilitha ‘Lee’ Bongoza to our permanent Unisure Assist team as our new Junior Operations Assistant. 

Unisure Assist is our dedicated emergency assistance division. The team runs a 24/7/365 emergency line, so it’s safe to say that it’s a hard-working team. That’s how we knew that Lee was made of something special, because the challenging work and long hours only seemed to increase her enthusiasm.  

She studied for a diploma in IT, focusing on software development, but started her career as a tutor. It was in teaching and tutoring that she realised how much she enjoyed working with people and their different personalities and styles. 

Lee’s passion for helping the people around her has guided her career. That’s why when she first heard about the internship through a mutual friend who introduced her to Unisure’s Chairman, Dr Graham Woolford, she immediately knew that she wanted to work for Unisure’s Assist team.  

She’s focused on making a difference through excellent service delivery, she perseveres under pressure, she’s eager to learn and she has really found her footing in our Assist Team within a short space of time. 

Lee not only loves the many ways in which the Assist team impacts people’s lives on a daily basis, but she also loves the team’s passion and dedication for what they do.  

“I have been placed in a team of kind-hearted and caring people who are there to make an impact through their work. At the beginning of each month, the team takes the time to debrief and share their experiences, talking through the challenges and difficulties that were faced so that they can deliver even better customer service the next time around. It’s inspiring, to say the least.”  

When she’s not hard at work in her Junior Operations Assistant role, you’ll find Lee mountain biking, listening to music and teaching herself new skills. She plans to complete her Diploma in IT and has big dreams for her long-term career at Unisure, having set her sights on becoming an Operational Assistant in the future.  

“I’ve always wanted to help people, so getting the call from Unisure and being offered a permanent position really made my day. I see a bright future ahead at Unisure and I’m very excited to keep learning and growing in the role.”  

Thank you for your cool, calm, collectedness, Lee. It’s wonderful welcoming you to the Unisure Assist team and we know that you’re going to make a big impact.