David Gardiner


David Gardiner was recently promoted from Software Engineer to Head of Software Engineering & Data. It’s a well-deserved step up for David, and we checked in with him to see how he’s experiencing the added authority, decision-making and delegation that comes with the title.

“Being recognised in my role and given greater responsibilities is a really fulfilling feeling,” David says. “I’m passionate about what I do, and my team and I work hard to provide our colleagues with the tools they need to work more effectively and efficiently.” 

One of the Software Engineering & Data department’s biggest projects this year is to instil an awareness of data security in the company, especially with so many Unisure staff members working remotely and travelling for work.

“Our team will be focusing on ways to constantly bolster and improve the company’s security profile, as well as protect our company data and our clients’ personal information.”

David and his team are no strangers to big projects, having previously built the sales platform that is now used daily by the majority of the Unisure team.

“It’s a lot of moving parts, and when you start breaking it down, you realise just how complex it gets,” David says. The platform provides a secure information exchange and accurate quote generation. In order to do this, there are multiple informational systems in place, and they all need to work with one another in a congruent manner to provide a seamless service. All of these systems are built in different programming languages and with different purposes, so creating overarching systems that can combine their functions can be extremely challenging.

“One of the most critical skills my job entails is probably learning to interpret what non-technical people are asking for, and then implementing that in the tech environment so that it makes sense to the people who requested it,” he explains. 

David needs to constantly think ahead and use his deep understanding of the business in order to build systems and make decisions that will benefit the business both now, and in the years to come.  There is clearly no room for error in projects of this nature, but under David’s focused and dedicated leadership, the Software Engineering & Data department is in excellent hands.

If you had to ask David’s colleagues about his work ethic and personality, they’d tell you that he’s someone who genuinely enjoys what he does, is passionate about helping to grow the Unisure brand and who relishes a challenge. He’s positive about The Unisure Group’s future and is looking forward to seeing the company continue to grow.

“I think Unisure has a good setup with a focus on global solutions and a good team with employees who punch above their weight. I believe that if that trajectory continues, Unisure will be in good stead for years to come.”

We couldn’t agree more, David, and we know that we are in good hands with you as our Software Engineering & Data Department Head.