Betty Goncalves


Betty Goncalves first joined The Unisure Group as our Health Operations Manager in 2021. Unisure’s International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plan, Umatter, had just launched and it was an incredibly busy time to join the team.

Although it was a steep learning curve that involved many long hours, Betty more than proved her mettle. So much so, in fact, that she started this year with a well-deserved promotion to Deputy Head of Health Operations.

In true Betty-style, she’s ready to take on this new challenge with the energy and enthusiasm that her team have come to love about her, and she’s excited to continue playing an important part in Unisure’s growth.

“In my new role, I’ll be involved in all aspects of operations for the IPMI team,” she explains. “I’m excited about the year ahead and I’ve set myself the challenge to increase my professional knowledge and grow my skills through ongoing education and mentorship.”

Spoken like a natural-born leader, Betty humbly admits that she’s constantly aspiring and learning to be a better leader.

“Every leader should have the urge to be a better leader, inspire their teams, and contribute to the greater good,” she says. That couldn’t be more true of Betty, whose rock-solid integrity, logical problem-solving skills, and empathetic nature make her a formidable strong role model within the Umatter team.

As the Deputy Head of Health Operations, Betty and her team are the nuts and bolts of the IPMI team. They need to drive excellent customer experiences at all times, and stay focused on the Unisure ethos of ‘People. Passion. Partners.’

“We’re always striving to always be better, and to continue being the very best at what we do. I’m incredibly proud to be working in an organisation that is so passionate about their people and what they do. At Unisure, we really do insurance differently, and I’m honoured to be able to contribute to Unisure’s success in this new role.”

We’re honoured to have you on the team, Betty. Thank you for your hard work, focus, and determination, but most importantly, thank you for setting the bar so high and being an incredible role model to everyone around you.