Edmond Masemola


Thanks to a brave career move out of mechanical engineering and a leap of faith in following his passion for graphic design, we’re delighted to welcome Edmond Masemola to our Marketing team as a Junior Graphic Designer.

Just a few short months after enrolling for his mechanical engineering studies, Edmond stumbled upon media and design and realised he’d missed his calling. Even though nobody in his family had ever heard of working in the field of design, he stayed true to his passion and changed course (literally and figuratively).

Edmond enrolled for a design diploma and immediately started building up a freelance portfolio designing posters for the local church and various events in and around his neighbourhood. Since making the move out of engineering and graduating with a design qualification, he can honestly say that he’s never looked back.

“I love everything about design,” he says. “People are very visual, and design is one of the best ways to capture their attention. I love that we have the ability, as designers, to communicate with people in such a way that they stop what they’re doing and pause to take in what we’re saying.”

Besides a passion for what he does, Edmond’s success is also closely tied to his incredible sense of determination. Not only did he take on a retail and data capturing job to raise enough capital to buy himself a camera and a laptop, but he also wrote and self-published a book called The Power To Press On at the tender age of 27.

“I’ve always been interested in what the character traits are that make people successful. I started reading and writing about case studies of successful people that had faced numerous obstacles along the way, and I loved finding out what it was that kept them all going until they finally succeeded. Eventually my research and writing turned into a book,” he says with a grin.

It’s Edmond’s drive to succeed and willingness to give 110% that fuels the beautiful designs he creates for Unisure. He’s a dreamer and a doer, and those big dreams definitely include growing the Unisure brand.

“I’m looking forward to growing within the company. In a few years’ time, I want to be able to look back and see how I’ve helped grow the Unisure brand. My dream for Unisure is that we become the brand everyone else looks up to and aspires to be like.”

Thank you for your wisdom, perseverance and passion, Edmond. You’re an asset to our Marketing department and we see a very bright future ahead for you.