More than a decade of sector-specific health insurance success

by | Mar 24, 2022

The resources sector has never been better positioned for innovation, expansion and growth. Neither has our Bupa Global Mining and Energy Forum Health Insurance Plan…

Unlike many other industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mining and resources industry has come out stronger than ever as the world transitions towards low-carbon, more sustainable economies.

Africa is the region to watch for the supply of many mineral and metal deposits needed in this transition, particularly following the latest agreements at the COP26 summit in November last year1. Several commodities reached new historical highs in 2021 (such as gold, iron ore and copper)2, and experts from Mining Review predict that copper (for electrification) and nickel (for battery electronic vehicles) will see significant demand growth beyond their current applications1.

It’s not surprising, then, that Africa has started seeing increased interest from Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas2. This is a trend that Eddie Daniels, Unisure Head of Distribution – Southern & West Africa, welcomes for our Bupa Global Mining and Energy Forum (MEF) health insurance plan, which provides employee health solutions to companies active in the mining, oil, gas, energy, petrochemical and supporting industries in Africa.

“Our MEF health insurance plan is a fantastic product and we’re ready to assist companies that are either venturing into Africa for the first time, or expanding their existing African operations, especially as we celebrate 10+ years of successful business growth this year,” he says. “Not only does MEF benefit from the power of the Bupa Global brand, but it also benefits from the strength of Unisure’s impeccable operational capabilities across the African continent.”

Our team understands the continent and the challenges that it often presents in terms of transport and logistics, and we also boast our own in-house medical assistance team which conducts an average of 200 evacuations a year, from some of the most remote locations in Africa.

“Our level of expertise takes years to build, and the same goes for the service provider network we’ve worked so hard to cultivate across the continent,” Eddie explains. “The benefit of dealing with a team like ours that’s on the ground in Africa is that our people are familiar with all of our client’s locations, and we’ve established strict protocols of what to do and who to call for any and every medical eventuality. With Unisure, you’re guaranteed the best possible care, something that is especially important when it comes to a critical situation where time is of the essence.”

Eddie Daniels

Head of Distribution – Southern & West Africa, The Unisure Group

5 ways in which our Bupa Global MEF health insurance plan stands apart from the rest:

  1. It’s competitively priced. One of the key factors differentiating us from many of our competitors is our pricing model. Because companies operating in the resources sector have very robust occupational health and safety protocols in place, we’re able to offer material cost savings on premiums without in any way compromising on the level of care and benefits for members of the plan.
  2. It offers sustainable pricing. On average, during the course of the MEF plan’s 10+ years, premiums have only gone up by 1-2% a year. This is incredibly low and stable, especially when compared with international medical inflation (which over the same period has run at between 8-12% per annum).
  3. It’s flexible. Our MEF plan offers numerous pricing tiers, with overall annual maximum benefits starting from USD 150,000 and increasing to as much as USD 10,2 million. The cover provided by the plan gives members access to top tier hospitals globally.
  4. Its roots lie in Africa. Unisure has an in-house medical assistance team and a full-time complement of general practitioners, clinical officers and nurses on call. We also have an extensive network of contracted consulting specialists and trauma surgeons to support our own staff, and conduct an average of 200 medical evacuations across Africa a year.
  5. It offers 24/7 online support. Our MEF health insurance plan is underwritten by Bupa Global, offering members access to Bupa’s world-class Members World app. Via the app, members can submit claims, receive pre-authorisation and manage their policies from their smartphones. Members also receive access to the Everyday Resources Employee Support Programme, offering various types of confidential support in multiple languages 24/7 by telephone, email, SMS or online. Lastly, members also receive access to Bupa ‘Global Virtual Care’, a new smartphone app that provides confidential access to international doctors by telephone or video call.

Here’s what 3 leading health insurance intermediaries have to say about health insurance industry trends and their experience of working with Unisure’s MEF product and team:

1. Grant Crompton, Principal, Clarity Employee Benefits

“Over the past three years, and in the particular post the onset of the global pandemic that is COVID-19, our clients’ demand for quality health insurance has been elevated to new heights. Clarity has always strived to match our clients’ needs with the best possible product and phenomenal service at affordable premiums. The Bupa Global Mining and Energy Forum health insurance plan ticks all of those boxes for us, and more importantly for our clients. Their outstanding customer service is appreciated hugely by us and the many clients we have placed under their cover.”

2. Alniz Popat, CEO, Lifecare International

“As global businesses continue to progress to a hybrid working model, the need to streamline the management and to consolidate the benefits of health insurance policies has now become more important than ever. Furthermore, the pandemic catalysed a digital era where customers required access to information anytime, anywhere, and at their fingertips.

This necessity is fulfilled by platforms such as Bupa Global’s MembersWorld app and online policy management systems such as LifeNet that our clients can avail. The requirement for policy holders to be able to add or remove dependents, submit and track claims, access policy documents, request replacements of membership cards, and receive constant updates at the click of a button is not just a trend we have seen, rather an expectation.

At a time where in-person interactions were limited, and health was paramount, digital transformation played a key role in enabling health insurance.”

3. Tiasigue Konate, Directeur Technique et Actuariat, Rawsur Life

“I have been working with Unisure for about two years and I must admit that I am very satisfied with the quality of their service. I personally appreciate their professionalism, their availability and the special attention they give to their customers. It is a company that I would highly recommend.”