Sheila Folgado


We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Sheila Folgado, who has joined our Umatter International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) team as Membership Manager (Health).

Sheila’s career path is impressive, to say the least, and her many years of experience have honed her people skills and strong organisational abilities.

She first started her career at Group Five working in the HR department as a client liaison officer. Later she was headhunted by the procurement and export company, Angoway Logistics, where she spent 14 years as the Admin and Office Manager, also helping out with procurement and client liaison duties. Before joining The Unisure Group, Sheila worked at an international health insurer as a Policy Administrator. Within 6 months she was heading up the Administration department and helping to service client needs and handle company renewals.

Working with diverse clients and members from all over Africa, at all hours of the day, was incredibly challenging, and Sheila says that it taught her a lot about resilience. She’s utterly passionate about her work, however, and stands firmly by the ethos that members always come first.

That’s why she’s the perfect fit to be our Membership Manager, looking after and servicing our clients right from the very start of their Umatter journey by issuing policy documentation and attending to queries.

“Happy members mean happy clients, which means renewals,” Sheila explains with a smile. “I believe being right there at the forefront for all of our members, and my goal is to build an outstanding relationship with them and always service them as best as I can.”

“I want our IPMI division to flourish, and the team we have is just the team to do that,” she says. “I am beyond grateful to be a part of this team. What I have learnt in the last few months is mind-blowing and the people I have met are just phenomenal; all highly intelligent and so dynamic in their thinking.”

Although Sheila genuinely loves admin – and all of the documentation and application forms that come with it – she’s also incredibly interested in underwriting and wants to study further in this field. Watch this space!

Your impeccable work ethic and passion for what you do is contagious, Sheila. Thank you for joining our team and helping us take Umatter to the next level.