Amanda White


The Unisure Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Amanda White as Head of Human Resources. Amanda brings a wealth of experience to the company, having worked locally and internationally for several financial service sectors. She has a BCom Degree in Human Resources and also boasts qualifications in short-term insurance and business management. On top of that, she gained an in-depth understanding of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services industry whilst becoming a regulatory certified representative.

Amanda is passionate about what she does, and never more so than in a time of automation, disruption, and COVID-19.

“Businesses don’t serve people – employees serve people,” she explains. “Businesses don’t make products – people make products. That concept of the workplace being a very ‘human’ place to be doesn’t change, despite all the automation that we’re seeing in a lot of industries. It’s a chance to be more human and to stand out from the crowd.”

Amanda sees the role of HR as being one of maximising people’s potential in a conducive workplace where they can thrive, add value and be valued.

“The simple fact is jobs are vital to our society and our worth as human beings,” she explains. “Meeting our goals is strongly correlated to the effort, passion and conviction we put into what we do, and therefore, we must do what we love. This benefits our company, our society of people, and the advancement of good governance within the group.”

As much as HR is about creating a difference in people’s lives, it’s also about leaving a legacy in the company you work for.

Amanda’s focus at Unisure will be threefold: Meeting Unisure’s objectives in putting people’s lives first; training and developing people in ways that maximise their work performance and personal lives; and contributing to the growth and development of future leaders within the group.

“Making Unisure the place where people are proud, innovative and continuously evolving – that will always be my main and continuous goal,” she says. “Working at Unisure, alongside all of its incredibly talented individuals, has been the best decision I could have ever made. Undoubtedly, together we will grow our company from strength to strength and raise our people to greater heights.”

We look forward to your leadership and guidance, Amanda, and we know that your passion, integrity and strong work ethic will be evident in everything you do.